Ελένη Χατζίδου: Αυτός είναι ο λόγος που μπήκε στο Survivor!

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Eleni Hatzidou and why she went on TV Show 'Survivor'

Eleni Hatzidou has never spoken about her reasons for entering TV Show 'Survior' until now.

The singer songwriter spoke among others in an interview she gave to Down Town and Nancy Fafouti.

"I was vomiting every day, I went to the clinic with serums, walked and dazed, everything around me was turning around and I felt my oxygen was over."

When asked why get her into Survivor she replied, "I went in order to overcome the phobias and the panic attacks I suffered and I felt I had done it. I was horror and phobia in the water. Imagine that I could not put my head in the water because I thought I would drown and my breath would stop. Some things are not explained."

On the show highlighted a series of panic attacks which left viewers astonished. "Panic attack was the first time on the track. As I was singing, my hands and my head were wet and I thought I was in a halt. I stopped the program, I went backstage, I lay down on my back and Argyros came to help me. It's something that arose from excessive anxiety, I imagine.

All singers want success, we want to have good co-operations, but not everyone is prepared for it. When the 'Worst' was heard at the end of 2012, I thought I could manage it but eventually it was bigger than I could withstand. That's how I got an extra stress and I started to have insecurities.

Before I left for Survivor I suffered for five days panic attack because I was not sure if I can do it. I was poking about the idea of ​​what the Survivor might be. I was vomiting every day, I went to the clinic with sera, walked and stunned, everything around me was turning around and I felt that my oxygen was over. However, I did not believe how many people are suffering and how many would touch this thing. Why to want to overcome his fears and finally feel that he has done it is a big deal." she said when asked when she first had the attacks.




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